Bring Syrian Nurse, his Wife & Son to Canada

Ali is a young Syrian nurse who fled his hometown of Daraa after it was bombed by the Assad regime. Since then, he has been working with Doctors Without Borders taking care of refugees at a camp in Jordan. This extraordinary man overcame the trauma of being held captive and tortured for having treated rebel soldiers and has since dedicated his life to helping other survivors.


In Jordan, Ali met and married Rana, a young woman from Damascus, and now they have a two-year-old son, Hussein. Ali is desperate to find a safe place for his family to build a life and continue his nursing career.


A group of people on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada are willing to take on the responsibility of sponsoring Ali and his family. We need to raise $17,500 US ($23,000 CAD) in order to be able to sponsor them. This is the minimum required by the Government of Canada.


Ali has done so much to help so many people over the past 3 years. Please help us to help him!


"Our MSF hospital in the camp dealt with the victims of the bombing in Syria. As you can imagine, these survivors had horrific wounds.  Ali was one of the nurses who struck me as so remarkably caring and skilled. He was so focused on doing whatever was needed to help recovery.


At meals, he would insist on sharing whatever he had, even though he himself had lost everything in the war. He is truly a great nurse and a wonderful human being. "


- Dr. Gillian Deakin

 Doctors Without Borders/Medicins Sans Frontieres


All funds raised will be used to support Ali and his family for the first 12 months they are in Canada. The Government of Canada allows groups of five private citizens to come together to sponsor refugees.  The group is responsible for raising the funds to support the arriving refugees, in addition to providing emotional and practical support upon arrival in Canada.


The government has identified a minimum amount which must be raised in order to sponsor refugees. For a family of 3, the minimum amount is $23,000 CAD. For more information, please contact us here.