A Roof Over Their Heads

family picture - softened.jpg

Back in December 2016, a group of friends in Toronto sponsored a young Syrian couple with a beautiful son. That family has survived amazing odds – first the civil crisis in Syria, then an escape to war-torn Libya, and finally a risky trip to Lebanon. Lebanon is where the family still lives, a tough town ruled by gunfire. The good news is that a better life awaits them in Canada. Their application is in its last stages, and they could be here as soon as Christmas.


The bad news is there’s a financial shortfall. Our group raised half the usual amount required for a private sponsorship after we were offered a free apartment for one year. That offer was rescinded since “too much time had passed.” Unless we raise money quickly, they won’t have enough to afford their monthly rent.


If we can find 30 people willing to sponsor one day on our "calendar of hope" by donating $75 each month, we can ensure the family has $2,250 a month, enough for a two-bedroom and its associated costs (hydro, internet, insurance).


Please choose a day of the month that has meaning for you, and help this family get a new start in Canada.

Total Rental Cost:   $2250/month​

Donate $75 per month for 12 months.