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Here are some ideas for helping people from Afghanistan both inside and outside of their country.

how can YOU help the people of afghanistan?
contact your mp

Write a letter. Make a phone call. Send a Tweet. Post on Facebook.

Reach out to your elected representatives and let them know that you support helping the people of Afghanistan - both through refugee sponsorship and aid for those still in the country.

You can find your Member of Parliament's contact information here.


Make a donation to legitimate and recognized organizations who are helping the people of Afghanistan.
To get more information and to donate, visit:


International Committee of the Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

Afghan Women's Organization

welcome newcomers

Volunteer to support refugees arriving from Afghanistan or make a donation to a settlement organization working with Afghan refugees. You can find your nearest service provider organization here


Find out how to privately sponsor refugees either through a Sponsorship Agreement Holder or as a Group of Five or Community Sponsor. You can get an overview here.

For more detailed information about refugee sponsorship, contact the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program 

afghans in canada

Immigration Canada is waiving some fees and expediting applications for family reun...

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